Operating data 

Shipping weight  3,817 - 4,609 kg
Operating weight  4,032 - 4,824 kg
Biting force max. short dipper stick 20.8 kN
Breakout force max. bucket edge (ISO 6015), fix mounted + high power bucket 43.8 kN
Digging depth max.  3,544 mm
L x W x H  5,146 x 1,750 x 2,494 mm

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Perkins diesel engine
Engine / Motor type  403J-E17T
Engine / Motor  Water-cooled 3-cylinder turbo engine
Emission standards stage  5
Displacement  1,662 cm³
RPM / speed  2,000 rpm
Engine performance  32.5 kW
Battery  77 Ah
Fuel tank capacity  80 l
Voltage  12 V

Hydraulic system  

Duty pump  1 axial piston pump
Flow rate Max. 90 l/min
Operating pressure for working and driving hydraulics 245 bar
Operating pressure Slewing gear 206 bar
RPM / speed Revolving superstructure 9 rpm


Travel speed Max. 4.8 km/h
Chain width  350 mm
Ground clearance  300 mm

Dozer Blade 

Width  1,750 mm
Height  345 mm
Stroke Above subgrade 420 mm
Stroke Below subgrade 520 mm

Sound level 

Sound level (LwA)  97 dB(A)
Cabin - specified sound pressure level LpA  76 dB(A)

ET42 - Conventional Tail Excavator

  • Information

    Full steam ahead: The mini-excavator ET42 combines what is time-tested and proven with a large portion of innovation, thus becoming a master in the 4-ton class. It has the expected high lifting and excavation power as well as rapid work cycles. Thanks to the newest technologies, the emissions of the mini-excavator were reduced and the efficiency simultaneously increased, among other things. This is how, for example, the powerful engine of the ET42 fulfills the standards for exhaust emissions stage 5. The excavator is also impressive in terms of operator-friendliness. Work is no trouble at all thanks to the intuitive operating concept and flawless view of the working area.

  • Information

    • Performance is emphasized here: Six auxiliary control circuits, high lifting and excavation power and thus, rapid work cycles
    • 3-point kinematics for more breakout force, insertion depth and dumping height
    • Comfortable and fatigue-free joystick control thanks to Load Sensing Flow Sharing
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